Thrifted sweater to baby sweater dress

For this, I used this tutorial.  I swear, there's nothing at Make It and Love It that I don't want to make.  And all her tutorials are so easy to find, too! 

I got the sweater at a local thrift shop.  I used one of her little dresses as a pattern and put it together, as per the instructions on Make It and Love It.  The neckline on mine went a little funny because I didn't leave myself enough width to bind it like I had planned.  Good thing this baby has 3 chins and no one will ever see it.

{See the furry pillow behind her?  I've gotten started on my winter pillow making!}
I love sweater dresses on my girls.  I'll probably make several more before it gets warm again.  And the little one can wear them with these little booties.  I'll probably make several more pairs of those, too.

I think I might unpick a bit of the side seams on the dress and sew in a ribbon or some kind of tie to put a bow in the front.
{Sorry she's flipping you off.}

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