Do-do-do dodododo do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do

If you couldn't tell, the title of this post is the Mario theme song.
So, most of these costumes are a repeat from 2 years ago.  (This was last year, if you're wondering.)  I knew I wouldn't get around to making new costumes for everyone this time around, what with the new baby and all.  Elle's is new- all I did was make a little turtle shell that strapped onto her back and some booties.  Mim's is improved- I cut off the flat foam bottom and did a gathering stitch around the bottom edge.  I also improved my costume- lace on my gloves, a Princess Daisy hair style, and earrings that I made with buttons and nail polish that I forgot to wear.  I didn't let Mike grow his mustache out for this year since we got our family pictures done on Saturday and he looks like a creeper when he has one.  We also forgot to draw one on him, like we did for our family party on Friday.  Ahwell.

Hope you all had a safe and candy-filled Halloween!

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