Appliquéd ornament pillow

I love this pillow.  You probably won't, if you really love good embroidery.  Because I'm not an embroiderer.  I know the name of like 2 stitches, and I'm not very good at either.  However, I like my very imperfect, informal style of embroidering, at least on this pillow.  Here she is:
 I used a combination of all the stitches I knew how to do and did some machine embroidering/appliquéing as well. 
{Machine zig zag around the edge, hand sewn buttons.}

{Blanket stitch around the edge plus a running stitch to attach the vintage lace.}

{All machine.}

{Running stitch}

{Running stitch plus back stitching}
I used gray flannel for the pillow body.  I had wanted to use burlap, but then realized that would be really hard to embroider on it. 

It was fun to make this.  I'm no hand sewing expert, so it was just kind of fun to try whatever and just kind of mess around on this pillow.  All the unevenness adds charm, right?


Bridget said...

just to warn you, I am planning how to break in to your house and steal this...

Julie said...

I think you did a great job!! Better than I would have! lol! I am not very good at sewing anything! lol


ReMadeSimple Kristina said...

I love this! the bright cheerful colors and buttons-I'm not into "perfect" crafts either, love how informal it is. I really need a sewing machine so I can make cute stuff like this!

Trish and Bonnie @ Uncommon said...

This is so cute and so much fun!
Thanks for joining our party! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kimberly said...

I love this pillow! I like your style of embroidery :) At least you sewed them, I would have just glued them on! lol
Too cute, thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

this turned out awesome! love all the textures & colors! thanks for linking up so we could all see. XO, K of a&a