Onsie Week, Part 4

I have a two month old nephew, and I started planning for some appliqued tie onsies before he was born.  Remember this post, when I realized applique was not going to be as easy as I hoped?  Well, I checked out a few different methods on craft blogs and realized that Heat N Bond was key.
And so:
I branched out from my original tie plans, as you can see, but I still made a few for when baby Hugh's feeling especially dapper:
And now, some close ups:
I free-handed all the designs, and for the dinosaur I used a straight stitch on the spinal ridge and a zig zag around the body.  The ridge will fray some after it's washed, which I did on purpose.
I double zig zagged all around the edges of the plaid square, then hand stiched around the felt "h" with thread I quadrupled.
The star is also felt, but I used embroidery floss around the edges.
The elephant just has a single zig zag around it.
I'm really excited about the way they turned out- Heat N Bond really did make it super simple.  That stuff is great.  

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Rachel Young said...

Oh how I love onesie week!!