Monk's cloth monogram pillow

I made the form that went in the cover as well.  Mike and I seem to accumulate pillows.  Like old standard size bed pillows.  They're in the top of our hall closet, under Mim's crib, in the basement, everywhere.  So I decided to convert some of them into throw pillows.  I actually decided that forever ago, but I haven't had the courage to commit to a fabric.  Thus, this endeavor started when I saw some monk's cloth at the fabric store.  I loved it.  So soft, but with so much texture.  Plus, it was neutral!  It's like all those burlap pillows out there, but soft and usable (no offense to the burlap pillows, they look great). 
Anyways, here's the beginning:
(This was late last night and it was dark- don't judge my crappy picture.  Also, don't judge my crappy pictures when it's light outside.)

I cut it open and took out the stuffing.  I had thought I would reuse the outside of the pillow, but changed my mind when I saw how not-white-anymore it was.  So I used the pillow case it had been in. 
I cut it off so it would be a square after it was finished (which meant leaving it 3/4 of an inch longer than the already finished side).  Then I pressed it under 3/4 of an inch and sewed it mostly closed.
Then I stuffed it and finished it off (on the machine- no need to hide seams, since it was just going to be in a slipcover). 
Then there were some steps I didn't take pictures of.  I used a red knit and heat and bond to adhere my letter to the front of my pillow cover, then used a close zig zag around it. 

Then I hemmed the two back pieces (which overlapped about 5 or 6 inches, unfinished).
I hemmed them down about 3/4 of an inch, then ran another stitch really close to the top, since it's a thick material and I just didn't think pressing it was going to cut it. 
Then I set it all out, and pinned it.  I zig zagged along all the raw edges, then straight stitched about 3/4 of an inch in, so I could be sure I was off the fraying bits.  Then I turned it right side out, put my new pillow form in it, and voila!
Another evidence of my recent obsession with monograms.


Jennifer McLean said...

OOh, love the pillow, I think i'm biased though! My initial is "J". :o)
I'm also a new follower of your blog!

Kim said...

What a cute collection of pillows, I love them all together. The red J really pops.

Shaunna said...

They are absolutely adorable! And I love the idea of texture AND comfort. :) Thanks so much for linking up to Style Feature Saturday! -shaunna :)

Cindy said...

Those look great, I love monograms, too! You did a great job!

freckled laundry said...

These are SO cute! Love the monks cloth. Congrats on your well-deserved Perfectly Imperfect feature.


Amy said...

Cute! I love the flowered fabric on your other pillows in the picture. do you know the name of it?

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

Hey Kasia! Thanks for your comment on Funny Bum! Love your blog, i´m your newest follower. Keep up the great work with the dream home! Clau