Closet door

Mike and I (really just Mike) removed the closet door when we moved into our house because he was refinishing the bedroom floor.  It's been two years, and we haven't put it back on.  For the first year, it was mostly just laziness, but this last year it's been a conscious decision.  Here's why:
{Funny story- You know that laundry basket you can see in the reflection?  It had been next to the closet, I thought I had moved it out of the picture.  Ha!}
The door with the mirror on it goes out into the hall.  You couldn't have the closet open and the door open.  The doors kept banging into each other, it just bugged me, more reasons...etc... I didn't like it.
The inspiration for the new closet door struck awhile ago. It was this post on Ruffles and Stuff.  (By the way, I sure will miss Disney's posts.  What a talented crafter/sewer/blogger/photographer.)
I saw that shower curtain and realized that the same thing would work for my (teensy tiny) closet.  And so...
I used an old king sheet.  Cut it up, used as many of the existing hems as I could, and hung it up on a 2$ tension rod from WalMart.  I'll probably add some trim across the top ruffle, like Disney did, to hide the unfinished edge there, but first I have to figure out what trim.  I like it.  And my husband's one concern, closet accessibility, has been resolved:
It squishes down most satisfactorily. 
More pictures!  I took it outside today for an official photo shoot- I'm not going to lie, I wanted to copy Disney's pictures of her shower curtain.  Mine are not as good.
{Don't you think the bottom looks like the train on a wedding dress?  Don't you think I'm crazy for waxing poetic about an ex-sheet?}
{It's turned out to be excellent for peek a boo.}


Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

VERY cute, Kasia! It's got such a romantic look. You did such a great job!: )

Blessed Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Love that! Have you seen Anthropologie's website? They have an amazing shower curtain (that I have been drooling over, but too cheap to buy for 2 years) that looks a lot like your curtain. I am totally inspired to whip out my sewing machine, grab some sheets, and get to gathering. Thanks so much!! Love you blog...just found it the other day. :)

Amy Kinser said...

This is beautiful! You did a fantastic job. I only wish I could sew.

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Love this! It looks so lush and romantic and even kind of French. It would make me smile everyday to have this on my closet. Good idea you clever woman.

Kat @ Black Kats Design said...

Very beautiful. Ruffles are so romantic looking.

Thanks for linking up to the “Cheap Thrills Thursday” party at Black Kats Design. I hope you had fun and will join in again next Thursday!


Mary Ellen said...

Such a sweet solution to your dilemma!! Love all the ruffles!

bee blessed

Alida@IMakeStuff said...

We have a similar door situation in our laundry room. I've been trying to think of a cute idea, I think I'll just steal yours instead ;-)

I saw this on Tatertots and Jello, thanks for sharing!


Kim said...

This turned out absolutely beautiful! I really like the depth of the ruffles, it gives it a real luxury feeling. I'd love it if you would link it up with Fabric Fun Thursday this coming week.

Shaunna said...

I LOVE this!! I guess I need to follow this tutorial. I'd love to make a shower curtain for my guest room...just like this! So anthro of you. :)Thanks for linking up to style feature saturday! -shaunna :)

Cindy said...

Very, very pretty! I'm a sucker for ruffles, though. You did a good job on it, ruffles are so tedious to make. And I see you have kids!

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

It's so very cute, and a great idea!! Thanks for sharing :]

Lisa said...

so cute! i would love to do this in my guest room and take down those awful sliding doors i have. thanks for sharing!!

Stephanie@cre8tive said...

That is SO cute! Just saw this at Tater tots and jello. Love it.