Gramma fabric

For reals.  I found some fabric and trim in a box in the basement awhile ago that belonged to Mike's grandma.  There was some crazy fabric that will probably end up in the dress up bin (you know, someday, when Mim wants a dress up bin), some crocheted lace, some  ribbon, and some really cool, vintage-y florals.  Also this:
{Published in 1976}
I've been meaning to make some headbands (or rather, embellish some I had), so I decided to use that fabric (which is perfect, since I like things with meaning so much).  And so:
{I did my hair so I could take some self-modeled pictures, so I had to post this picture, despite the Creepy McCreeperson face I'm pulling}
 A note about the headbands themselves:  I spray painted them.  They were originally black, tortoiseshell, and clear.
{The texture on the headband is because I sprayed the paint on really thick so it would do that crackled, rumply thing it does that I usually do on accident.  Then I did a light coat over that after it dried.}
Number 2:
{Simple foldy flower, then glued a pearl on.  About the pearl- I always salvage all my old jewelery that's broken.  I can't remember what happened to the necklace this used to be a part of, but now I have a bunch of big fake pearls to use on stuff.)
Number 3:
No picture of it on my head (big sigh of relief from everyone) because I didn't do it until tonight and the lighting would not be normal.  The little metal bit comes up right behind my ear and used to be a part of the necklace I wore to my senior prom.  The ribbon was one of the grandma finds.  You can see in the background where the paint got a little drippy on the underside.
I'm excited that now I have headbands.  The other ones I've made are all fabric and reversible, which is nice, but I love that I can pull these on and off and they stay in place- even though the yellow one, which is thickest, gives me a headache after too long because it squishes my big head.  Worth it.


Jacy said...

Ha-- headbands kill my head to but totally worth the pain! I love the fabrics... i hunt thrift stores for vintage-y fabrics! They are so cute to me :)

superh2ogirl said...

Super cute embellished headbands! Muy bonita! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace one!


Shaunna said...

These are so cute...I've just not become brave enough to wear them! :) Thanks SO much for linking your projects up!! -shaunna

Cassie said...

I love these ideas!!!
How easy is the lace one...the impact is HUGE!!

Meg said...

Cute, cute, cute! Great job! I love your ruffle closet door as well! I had fun looking around your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a lovely comment! ;)

Rachel Leigh said...

So cute, love these and I really love the ruffled curtain. Wish I could sew! New Friend Friday w/Trendy Treehouse and the Girl Creative is my first linking party!
So Fun!!