A Hobby Lobby in AF?!  I was excited when they announced the Orem one, because it's 20 minutes from my house, versus 35 to get to the next closest one.  The AF one will be like 5 minutes from my house, and no freeway will be involved (for those of you that live in Utah and are dealing with the I-15 reconstruction, I feel that pain). 
I think my morning is made.
I've been busy with Halloween costumes, but they'll be one here soon and hopefully will be as cool as I imagined.  I look forward to the return of crafting as normal.


The Trouts said...

I'm happy for you! When I realized Orem was getting one I was over the moon! I probably should've dialed it down a notch in hindsight. My hubby swore I was about to hurl myself through the store windows. :)

jen @ {decor junkie} said...

This is the best news EVER! I am soo excited!

Rachel Young said...

I'm SO excited. Nate doesn't get it.