A warning to all

I was scammed.  I'm pretty annoyed about it. 
In April I bought a book for a book club from DiscountBookSale.com (it was Shannon Hales "Book of a Thousand Days," which is wonderful).  It was an awesome deal.  I even got "Goose Girl" as a bonus for like 50 cents.  Having found similarly awesome deals on Amazon, I was not suspicious.
Now, 6 months later, in reviewing my list of debit charges, I notice one from Discount Book Sale.  Mike was there, so I asked him if he ordered something.  Nope.  So I look them up online and find that by buying my books at "member price" in April, I was automatically signing up for a 20$/month membership.   
To be fair, I should have noticed these charges earlier.  I assumed Mike was buying stuff online- I didn't notice that the charges were for the same amount, at the same time each month.  That's totally my bad. 
I've called, and they gave me a refund for the last 3 months, which is more than I was expecting, given what I'd read online.  I hung up with them and called Visa to see if they could get the first 3 months back.  Turns out, Visa can only dispute charges up to 3 months old.  So was it coincidence that that's how much I was refunded by the scammers?  I submit that it was not.  I read some more online- people always got the same amount refunded as they would have been able to recover through their credit card companies. 

The real message here: Don't be as inattentive as me.  And don't buy from Discount Book Sale.  I'm definitely sticking to Amazon from now on.  They've never even scammed me a little bit.  The message for me: pay attention!

(On the lighter side: my little paperback books I got from there, which I totally thought were some awesome deals, are now, taking into account my "membership fees" about 30$ a piece.  That's after I get my refund, which you can be sure I'm watching for.)

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sheilabythebeach said...

I am surprised they are still operating such a scam. I did get my refund by the way!