More paper crafting

So, if you didn't know, I'm LDS.  You know, a Mormon.  And my new calling in my ward is the primary music director.  For those of you who aren't Mormon, that means that every Sunday I teach songs to kids/try to get kids to sing.  For the very youngest group I teach I'm mostly just singing at them.

It's fun.

And a challenge.

A big part of that challenge is finding a way to teach songs that can appeal to a wide range of age groups (I teach 3 different groups separately- the nursery, which is 18 months to 3 years; the junior primary, which is 4 years to 8 years; and the senior primary, which is 9 years to 12 years), because I don't want to have to prepare 3 completely different lessons/teaching methods each week.  My sister gave me a great idea that I implemented today and thought I'd share with all of you.
Music dice!
One die has some of the songs they've been learning throughout the year, and the other has an adverb.  I get two volunteers, one to roll each die, and then we just do what they say.  Even the older kids, who I was worried wouldn't really care, always wanted to be picked.  Universal appeal.  Sweet.
I just used scotch tape on the back of the white papers- I can switch out what the dice are for as needed.

To make the cubes:
a cardboard box to cut up
so much hot glue (kids are going to throw them, so you want these suckers to be sturdy)

Then I creased some scrapbook paper, cut it to length, and covered up all my messy edges, just using plain ol' Elmer's glue to hold the strips in place.

I hope somebody else out there can use this.

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