Old fashioned paper crafting

Not that there aren't a million contemporary paper crafts.  Using paper just felt old fashioned to me, since I haven't done anything much with it (except for the occasional card) since I really loved scrapbooking in high school. 
These are for an activity my church is having for mothers and daughters.  There are a few different crafts to work on, and we thought it would be nice to have a few free options for the people who come. 
One of those options are these little paper clip turned picture holder doo dads.  I cut paper the right size, then just glued it on, cutting little slits to allow for the holder bits to stick up.  While I was doing it, I got to thinking just how adaptable these little babies are.  I especially love the thought of them holding food labels at a party- you could just choose paper to match your theme.  Simple and cheap.  That's how I roll.


Michelle said...

Those are super cute, I love the idea for the food labels... I always love making food labels for everything, Im excited to do that at my next party!!

- Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

Chrissy said...

I think that's cute. You can use this on so many different occasions. Definitely have to try this!