Halloween, nerd style

My husband and I are both nerds, and we're both cool with that.  Mike's nerdier than me, though.
And we love Star Wars.  And I wanted costumes that Mike would get excited about.  So:
{Mike felt like Han Solo probably didn't smile for pictures, so he didn't, either.}
Han Solo, Leia, and our little ewok.  I made/put together most of our outfits myself.  
Mike's wearing a cheap-o Walmart shirt that was the right color under a fishing vest I dyed black (one of my dad's old ones that he said I could have).  He had some navy blue pants already, so I just attached a red ribbon down the sides.  I bought some gaiters at Walmart, but I wish I'd had time to make some- I could have done a much better job.  The holster belt, which you can't really see in this picture, was mostly made of fake suede and spray painted cardboard.  
For the Leia costume, I used a pattern with a high neck as a guideline for the neck and armholes, then just widened it out from there and cinched it with a felt and spray painted cardboard belt, which you can't see.  The collar was easy and totally meant I didn't have to do any type of facing or lining for the top.  
Mim's costume was definitely the toughest.  Turns out, I do not have the skill necessary to work with a fabric that tricky.  I even used my mom's Bernina for most of it and still struggled.  I broke about 8 of her needles, as well.  Uhg.  Three of the four appendage holes were hemmed with hot glue.  Whatever.  It's a costume, not a day to day wear item.  I used a pattern for it- a McCall's one for a lion, tiger, duck, or sheep.  All I really needed to modify was the hood part and then make my own ear shape.  Oh, and I left off the mitts, since I knew that would be a lost cause with Mim anyway.  The leather hood thing was separate- I cut slits for the ears and hot glued that sucker together and left all the ragged edges.  
{One of the most awesome things about Mim's costume is that she really looked like an ewok from behind.}
{A picture of Han's belt- Mike was totally excited when he came home from work and saw it.  It really unbuckles.}
{She was not a huge fan of the costume at first, but once she associated it with candy, she would leave the hood on!}
I hope everyone else had a Halloween that was as much fun as ours!
May the force be with you.

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kpmattingly said...

Cute. Love the picture from behind....it really does look like an ewok! :)