Shed treasure

The shed at our house is super creepy- I always feel like there are spiders crawling all over me when I'm in there.  However, I was brave yesterday while I was cleaning out the garage, because I wanted to clear a lot of stuff out into the shed.  Then I ended cleaning a lot of stuff out of the shed.  There's some real potential for some of these, I think.  Look:
I'm going to throw the plastic top away, it just snaps on.  Then I'll attach a new tabletop and paint it an awesome color.
Chairs were a great find.  Patio furniture isn't a priority on the budget, but I would like to have people outside and not have to haul the kitchen chairs out.  I love the old folding kind, they remind me of the 4th of July at my Gramma Harper's house.  I plan on painting the dark green ones some sort of fun color, too.
This old drum is what inspired the rest of the hunt through the shed.  Here's a close-up of the lettering:
1 POT SMOKE FLOATING.  I have no idea.
This thing was so dusty (and full of creepy stuff)- I was delighted when I sprayed it off with the hose.
I made a smaller one of these that I found into a planter (pictured in the previous post), but these are big, wash basin size.  I figured out what to do with one, but I don't know about the other, even bigger one.  You know these?
Now I have my version:
Pardon the lawn.  I can't wait for the sprinkler system to be reinstalled in the front yard, so I won't have to haul a hose clear from the shed to water everything.  I'm also excited that I have such a great place to keep my hose out front now.
What should I do with the other shed finds?  Planters are my first thought, but I want to think through my other options before I just go ahead and punch holes in the bottom of everything.  Any ideas for the pot smoke drum, the wood box, or the even bigger wash basin?

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