Applique is more challenging than I thought.

I love these.  And other similar items.  I decided to make some for my new nephew, baby Hugh, but first I did a tester for Mim.
It was a lot trickier than I planned (that's why there will no closeups- it's not super neat).  I even used a nice machine, my mom's Bernina.  I have some idea for altering my approach for the ones for baby Hugh, but if any of the three of you out there reading this have ever had success with any machine appliqueing technique, let me know.


summer said...

tricky, not superneat - all translates into an ADORABLE shirt/onesie! I LUV the cupcake...would be soooo cute with a "1" in it for a first birthday!!!

The Dye's said...

I have been doing a lot of applique work lately and learned a neat little trick recently that involves a used dryer sheet. Check out this website that basically explains the idea. http://www.quilt-lovers-guide.com/dryer-sheet-applique.html

I don't hand sew it on, I just use a 1/8" straight stitch, a ribbon stitch, or a hem stitch (I think thats what it's called)

Anyhow, try it out. It works really well. You need to make sure that you use a used dryer sheet though.

I also really like the frayed applique look. It's by far my favorite. You just cut out your fabric and sew at 1/4" and leave the edges to fray. Looks really cute.

Good luck and happy sewing :)