I don't know how to say the title of this post (is it like sure-ing or shearing?), but I've done it now.  I got the idea from ~Ruffles And Stuff~, specifically this post.  I love all the repurposing ideas on that blog.  So here was my shot at it:

Very simple to make, and now Mim has another summer dress, a summer tunic for next year, and possibly a shirt for the year after that. 
You can see in the last photo that I'm still having a bit of a gapping problem between the first two shirt buttons, despite the two snaps I sewed in there, so I've decided to just sew down the open side of the button strip and rely on the stretchiness of the shirring to get it over her head.
A few other things I did differently than the Ruffles and Stuff version- I did a few more rows of shirring (I think I ended up with 15 or 16), and I didn't start the rows until about 3/4 or a full inch below the top hem.
PS- Aren't those eyelashes just perfect?  Everything eyelashes should be?  She can thank her daddy's genes for those beauties- my eyelashes are almost blond and my eyes look naked without mascara.


summer said...

omg! i love it...not sure what shirt you used to make it, but what a wonderful way to give a little girl daddy's shirt (or mommy's) - will be a great dress for my little one later - daddy is away at work most of the week, for most weeks (read: a LOTLOTLOT) so, I LOVE IT! great job!!

Brenda said...

The word is pronounced as if you're saying HER with an s in front, and ing on the end. Most Americans mis-pronounce it