Awhile ago

With our tax return, Mike and I bought two dressers to replace the one small one we shared (which is now becoming awesome).  However, the dressers we bought didn't come with a mirror, so I decided to paint the one that had been connected to our old dresser.  The dresser is black, obviously, but if you see it real life, you can actually tell it's a black stain and not actually painted.  Because it's a stain, the grain is visible and there are lighter bits.  So to match, instead of just painting the mirror frame (it was a orange-y stain), I watered down the paint so it go on a lot thinner and leave streaks of the old color.  I'm not explaining this well.  Whatever.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  See?
In the close up, you can see what I explained so horribly above.  You can also see the reflection of the matching dresser in the reflection. 
So, it's awesome to not have to cram our stuff into one dresser anymore.  I like putting away laundry now.
That's the garbage can.  It's silly how expensive nice trash cans are.  Nice trash cans is sort of an incongruous phrase.  Anyway, I covered a 3 dollar white trash can with burlap.  I first spray painted the white a tan color I had, so you wouldn't see bright white in the gaps of the burlap weave.  Any way, I just hot glued it on and added that bow, which I'm now reconsidering.  Probably a band of ribbon would have been better. 

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