Too excited

I finally put something on this wall, and even though it's not quite finished, I am super excited about it.  I held onto some of the old windows when they were replaced about a year ago, and I always intended one for this wall.  I had lots of ideas for it- applique quilt a little bird and tree scene and use it as a frame, put a mirror behind it, hang it plain, etc.  But I figured it out the other day, so I finally got a move on and repainted and scraped all the paint off the glass. 
This is a little wreath I put on for the time being.  I cut out a cardboard wreath shape and then wrapped it with a couple different twines I had and then added these little tulle flowers.
It's going to get better, though- I'm going to get vinyl lettering on the bottom pane that says-
"Better keep yourself clean and bright.  You are the window through which you must see the world." -GBS
I'm excited about it.  I'm also excited about all the different stuff I could hang from the latch at the top.  Dried flowers, an initial like I have on the back door, or a picture frame.
One question: should I do the vinyl letters in dark brown or white?  I think black letters would be too... extreme, for lack of a better word.  Also, should I distress the frame?  I'm thinking so- there's lot of little things still wrong with it that are still visible, despite the fresh coat of paint, so I might as well make them look intentional.


Michelle M said...

Super cute! I've seen so many cute projects with old windows. I don't suppose you have any more to share...

KasiaJ said...

I actually do. I kept several to see if anyone in Mike's family wanted them (this being a home that's been in the family), and only his two aunts wanted one, so I've got some leftovers.

Michelle M said...

I'd love a leftover!