So much better

I have a door in my living room that opens onto a porch that we don't ever use.  The plan is to enclose the porch and have it be my craft room/office someday.  Ahhh, someday...
Anyway, I saw a post about giving flat doors a paneled look with moulding a few days ago.  I can't find it anywhere- if anybody out there knows what I'm talking about, let me know so I can give them the credit for inspiring me.  All the interior doors at my house are flat and varnished wood, like the one above (except without the windows), and it's always been my plan to add moulding and paint them, but I think I might actually get around to it now (at least within the next few months).  It really was inspiring to see how good the doors looked after.  So, last night I was thinking about how I wanted to change my doors, but thinking about how the Depot was closed and how I've used up my craft allowance already, so it wasn't going to happen until next paycheck, but then I looked at this door (the porch door).


I realized I could change how it looked for free.  Hopefully it will tide me over until I can buy moulding and do all the rest of the doors.  I was ok with them for so long, but now that I've seen how they could be, I'm itching to paint and panel them all. 
Here's how the porch door looks now:
It brightens up that corner so much- it's awesome.  And I just used leftover trim paint, so like I said-FREE!
Another thing that made a difference to me- see how much more the hardware stands out?  It's cool stuff, too.  It's kind of bronzey coppery and I really like it.
The hinges:
Now I just need to figure out some curtains for it- no way am I putting the old blinds back up (they were old and had a permanently dirty look to them).

Ah, it feels good to have done something.


Mindy said...

Hi Kasia! Thanks so much for your comment on my ornaments. I thought I'd drop by and return the favor. Mind if I follow you? I agree, that little bit of paint made a HUGE difference on your door. The contrast between the door and the hardware is beautiful, and it brightens everything up. Great job!

Kathiey said...

Looks great Kasia, You inspire me to do get some jobs done around my house:-)
I am visiting you from new friend Friday, Thanks for your post

jen @ {decor junkie} said...

Wow! That makes SUCH a difference! I love the new look. Also...hope you don't mind...I did a post about your gorgeous fall wreath -- I'm pretty much obsessed with it... I am new to this whole decor blogging thing, so if I should have checked with you first, I am so sorry! Anyway, here is the link, if you feel like checking it out: http://decorjunkie.blogspot.com/2010/09/fall-wreath-obsession.html

Thanks for the inspiration!

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