Bring it on, fall

Still nothing new.  I did get out my fall decorations, though.  I haven't distributed around the house yet- that'll probably be this weekend.  Although it is the perfect weather for it now (those other Utah people out there know what I'm talking about- 75 during the day and down into the 50's at night- lovely, wonderful, perfect). 
Anyway, I found these when I was going through my fall stuff:
My no-sew fabric pumpkins.  I made them at a church activity the fall after Mike and I were married- they were one of the first decorations that I made for our little apartment and they're still one of my favorites.  They're also one of the easiest I've ever done.  Ready?
You take a circle of fabric- for the littler pumpkins I think it was about 18-20 inches in diameter (I'm betting a fat quarter would be just about right) and for the larger pumpkin, about 30-32 inches in diameter.
Then you put some poly fill in the middle of the circle and gather the fabric up around it.  Make sure it's not going to be to full- you need to be able to maneuver it around to create a flat-ish bottom and a more pumpkin-like shape.
Then you take a twig or cut stick and hold that in the middle of your gather and tie it closed with raffia and/or some scrap fabric.
And... done!  So easy, right?  And the possibilities are endless- I'm going to make some with orange and natural burlap, and I'll probably replace the raffia with twine on the ones I've already made.  You could make an orange felt one and then cut out jack o lantern shapes and faces on black felt, and then you have a toy/decoration, which are so so useful.
{The rest of my 3 pumpkin set}
I thought of a new craft for tomorrow.  That's right, I'm going to make something for the first time in like a week.  Weird.


Anonymous said...

These look great. I plan to use your tutorial and make a few for my DD pre-k class next month.


AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

Thanks for sharing this, very cute!

Thanks also for the comment love. :)

-Ann Marie

Colleen said...

Very Cute!

Michelle L. said...

Hee, those are so cute and fun. Love the rafia effect, it's so autumn and rustic.

Lorie said...

These are great! I love fabric pumpkins and you used some great material! Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!

denise said...

How cute are these? I am off to raid my fabric stash! Thanks for sharing I love Saturday Show and Tell

Crystal said...

These are so cute and simple. Love them!

The American Homemaker said...

Super cute! And I'm in Lehi too!

Terrell said...

So adorable!! Gotta love these sweet finds that require no sewing! :D
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

Shaunna said...

VERY cute!! I really do like doing something different, and these are! Thanks for sharing and linking up at style feature saturday! -shaunna :)