An appendix

Thank you all so much for the get well wishes.  They're working!  (Them and the antibiotics, I suppose.)  I'm doing much better (although I still sound awful and need to rest a lot), and I thought I'd post some instructions for those of you who requested them for the vine pumpkin.  It really was so easy, here it is summed up in one picture (that I drew in paint...ummm...it's not great).

It's an incomplete cross section, just enough to show what the vines are doing.  After rubber banding them around the top, you just bend the rest into a circle a few at a time until you've gone all the way around.  I'm hoping once the vines dry in that shape, I can get rid of a lot of the floral tape and the rubber band.
Hope that all made sense- I looked up all the side effects of my medication and hallucinations is on there, so...hmmm. 

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