Basket light!

I was hooked when I saw this.  I went that same day to DI and found a basket that would work.  But of course, there wasn't a bottom on it.  So I bought another basket and cut a circle out of it.
After I wired them together, I spray painted it brushed nickel.  I considered using black, like my inspiration, but I just didn't think it would look right in my kitchen. 
So I took my silver basket, added one of these:
And two of these:
And some paint.
Here's what I got:
Don't mind the top bit looking kind of gross- I'm doing some touch up.
I love how it looks.  The old fixture wasn't awful- it did have a brass bits, which I always meant to paint but never got around to- but it was just kind of blah.
Here's a wider shot:
Pardon the flash, but it was really back lit and I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to get a picture.

So, overall, I'm loving it.  I just started to wish I had used a smaller flower pot saucer for on top of the basket, but I'm ok with it.  In fact, I love it.


Rebecca said...

I love it, too! I have been seeing these types of lights everywhere and I just love the look. Yours turned out great!

Saw you at Someday Crafts.

Donene said...

What a very cute idea, that turned out even cuter finished! It looks great!

My Magic Mom said...

Cute! I like that basket look for a light fixture. Nice job.

I'd love for you to come share your project on My Magic Friday blog party! www.mymagicmom.com

PACountry said...

Cute idea! My husband had a thing about brushed nickel EVERYTHING for our bathroom when we redid it! :)

Lisa said...

Looks great. Looks terrific where you have it.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Love this idea! I think you did an awesome job and I might just have to try it!

2littlehooligans said...

great idea, I love it!