Nothing much

I needed something more on my kitchen table:
That little red tray just wasn't enough, and my only table runner is also red and is a heavy fabric and feels more fall/winterish to me (it's funny, even a few months ago I would not have thought about fall/winter vs. spring/summer fabric types, but now I do- and I care, which is weird to me).
So I made this little runner/mat.  I had all the fabric already (I'm also making a top for Mim out of the white stuff- stay tuned), so I just cut some strips and ruffled them.  The ruffle took more than twice as long as it should have, because for the first three strips I had the tension on my machine turned way up, instead of down.  If you don't count the time it took to unpick all that business and do it again, this definitely took less than an hour.  I didn't hem any of the white edges; I wanted them to fray.  I love the look of all that ruffly white next to the rough burlap. 
I think I'll make a bunch of table runners now, and change them for seasons and holidays. 

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