Birthday banners

Mim's first birthday was Thursday (April Fools!  No, it really is.) and we had a little party for her yesterday with some family.  I made a couple banners for her.  The first is like the ones that are everywhere these days- just paper and cut out 400pt letters printed from Word.  The other one is a repurposing one that I'm kind of proud of.  I still had a bunch of cards from when Mim was born and I feel guilty throwing cards away, especially when they contain sweet sentiments, as many of these did.  So, I punched holes in the corners and connected them with ribbon.  And now I have another sweet birthday decoration that I can add onto every year (which is the plan) and not just a pile of cards that don't really have a place but that I'm reluctant to throw away.  And when she's older, she can go back and read cards from previous years, which I think will be neat.  I plan on doing this for all my kids.
Also- I know the banners are in the same place here, but the card one got moved to the hooks below the mantle after the picture was taken.

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