This bird thing

It needs some work, and some cuter fabric.  And some legs.  I'm planning on making one in blues for Mim's room.  Oh, it also needs a nest.  I have plans for that.  I need to have started sewing 15 years ago, so I could have a fabric stock that I could go to, instead of heading to the store every time I need another color, pattern, etc. 

For the future:
seams closer to the edges, fray remaining
use a bead or something for the eye, not burlap you colored with a sharpie (this is what happens when you don't have scraps from 15 years of crafting/sewing)
add some legs with wire
if you don't add legs, put it in a nest

Also, I got this idea from a blog, but I don't remember where and I can't find it.  If anybody does know, I would like to give the right person credit, so please pass the information along.

In the background is my background St. Patrick's kitsch for inside.  It's a glitter 4 leaf clover in a frame.  Oh yeah.

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