Valentine's felt heart garland

I thought I saw something similar to this on Pinterest, but couldn't find it anywhere when I was looking. It was like this one, but with the hearts closer together and some X's and O's in it.  Anyone seen it?  Know what I'm talking about? Hello? I thought I had pinned it.
 I cut out a bunch of hearts- I didn't worry about them being the same size or anything- and then just ran them one by one through the sewing machine. I didn't worry about exact spacing or anything, either. I never do.

I mostly used felt I already had, but figured that if you cut 15 hearts out of 9"x11" sheet (which is totally possible), then you could get a garland this long for about 75 cents. Sweet.

Don't mind the clutter on top of the piano. It's the most convenient (and the only currently available) place that my oldest daughter can't reach.

One last thing- sorry about the lighting in these pictures. It was all cloudy and my camera's just a little point and shoot that can't handle those kinds of conditions. :( Poor little thing. Up side- it's all cloudy and we're finally getting SNOW!!

Thank you Julie! She left a comment with a link to the exact picture I was thinking of. It was on Etsy and has now been sold, so there's a good reason to go out and make one of your own. Here it is.


Julie said...

I think I know exactly the one you are talking about. I have it pinned but its on etsy not a blog...

Heres the link I have..

Hope this helped

Kotryna said...

So cute ;)