Secret messages

I posted last year about this educational game I loved playing with my daughter. We still play it, even though she has her colors and shapes down pat now. It's just fun.

I came up with something new to do indoors last week, when it was too windy to go outside. (Anybody else from Utah wonder what is up with this wind?) Mim will color for a long time. Sometimes over an hour. She LOVES it. And asks me the whole time if I can color with her, which is sweet, but if I can't, it just makes me feel bad. So I was coloring with her the other day and came up with something that still meant we were interacting, but didn't necessitate me sitting with her the entire time.

I write letters or simple pictures in white crayon on white paper, then draw a box around it with a marker. She fills in the box with the matching marker and the letter is revealed! It's a pretty impressive trick to a 3 year old.

{The number 3, Mim's current favorite.}

{The sun.}

{A flower}

{Ha! She's started pulling faces in pictures.}
It was a nice way to keep her busy but still be involved. It was perfect for while I was doing dishes- I did a page of secret messages, then she colored them while I took care of things without the constant, guilt-inducing "Mama, will you color with me?"

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