Revamped revamped lawn chairs

There's no typo in the post title. This is my second go-round with these chairs. Here's the first.

Here's what they looked like a few weeks ago:

 I was never a big fan of the fabric I ended up picking, and as it turns out, the light green was not outdoor fabric like I thought, so it turned kind of a neon yellow green since I put it on 2 years ago. Yikes.

This winter it occurred to me that just plain clear vinyl would be awesome. I waited for the weather to lighten up and last month I did this:
 It's pretty cool. I used the thickest vinyl they had and just wove it like I had done with the fabric strips.

 The vinyl for outdoor/indoor use, so we'll see how well it holds up. And because vinyl doesn't fray like the fabric I had on the chair before, there was no need to finish the edges with a zig zag or anything. Hooray!

I kind of wish I hadn't spray painted the chairs at all now, and just had the silver with the clear.
It's kind of freaky sitting in them. I suppose the clearness makes it looks like it won't hold you up, but it's really pretty strong. It held up my husband and he's a pretty big dude.

So here's the entire progression, from when I first found them in the creepy shed (which is still creepy, by the way) to now.

What do you think?


Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

That is pretty darn cool!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

That is pretty darn cool!

Donene said...

Love the clear look! Awesome!!

Toni @ SugarTart_Crafts said...

Wow, Those look so Cool!
I'm curious to see if they hold up to the summer heat. Would the vinyl start to stretch if you sat on it after it had been in the sun all day I wonder? I'll cross my fingers that it works well though. You don't want to do a 3rd makeover ;D

KiLee said...

I think it looks cool! Awesome job.