Pinspired Premiere

I love Pinterest. I think everyone does, actually.

I consider myself a doer. You know, a person who does things.

So, I now have a goal that combines those 2 things. I decided that I'll try something from one of my boards every week and blog about it. I already know what I'm going to do this week.

I wish there was a day of the week that began with P, so that it could be "Pinspired Pursday" or something equally alliterated.

So, after a little bit of research, I've come to find out that in many Slavic and Baltic languages, the word for Monday starts with a P. So maybe it'll be Pinspired Pondělí (Czech).

I think I'll go with "A Pinspired Premiere to the Week." That's pretty cheesy, though. And too wordy.

Let's just go with "Pinspired." I'll post about it on Mondays.

What do you think? Anybody want to join me in checking things of your list instead of just letting it grow infinitely long?

Here's the board I'm picking off of this week.

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