Dresser --> Entertainment Center

 I have such a distinct memory of taking "before" pictures, but I might be going crazy because I couldn't find them anywhere. Oh, maybe they're still on the broken camera! (lightbulb!) So, in lieu of a real before picture of just the dresser, here's an after picture of after I cleaned the garage that happens to have the dresser in it! Ta-da! I got the dresser for either $60 or $80 on KSL (a local classifieds) last summer, when I was giant pregnant.

Here's why I was looking for one to turn into an entertainment center:
 We couldn't fit all our stuff into our itty-bitty Target buy from when we were first married. Here's what it looks like now:

{Sorry about the crappy cell phone pics again. Also, I love "How to Train Your Dragon."}

 Here it is all opened up:
 DVDs fit perfectly into the drawers, they're just the right height. The bottom middle drawer has all our exercise gear like weights, yoga mat and resistance bands.

I made the labels with my Silhouette; the font is Lobster. 

I took out the top two drawers and lined the cavity with 1/8" mdf. I put a thin molding around the open areas to make them look more built in and to hide the seams from the mdf. I know we don't need need 2 missing drawers worth of space for just an xbox and a DVD player, but I'm planning ahead for speakers, a receiver, a BluRay player, and whatever else they come out with. I'm going to move the DVD player up to the top level once I find a basket that fit that spot. Then I'll use the basket for extra storage until we need the open space again.

I love it. You maybe also noticed the tv upgrade. Woot!


Just Simply Live said...

I love it.

Kate Warner said...

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Ethan Smith said...

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