Itty bitty flowers

My baby was blessed in our church yesterday and in honor of the occasion, I made my first baby hair accessory.  I won't bother with a tutorial here, since there are so many out there on the interwebs and many of them are way better than I would put up here.  This is a good one, and it's simple, too.  I didn't go for 100% wool felt (so expensive!), just a wool blend that I got here.
So here's my darling in her Sunday getup:

The smallest flower level is actually a fake flower that I pulled off a dollar store stem a long time ago.  I had done it to a bunch of them and used the loose flowers as a vase filler.

A note about the dress and accessories- it's actually a christening gown that my husband wore when he was blessed (yeah, I tease him about it).  There are two blankets in the pictures, one made by Elle's great-great-grandma and another made by her great-grandma (her middle namesake).  The little sweater she has on was made by that same great-grandma.  There was another sweater and some booties that were made by the same great-great-grandma, another pair of booties made for my older daughter by a different great-grandma (not the middle namesake one), and a bonnet made by my mother-in-law.  My husband's family has a lot of heirlooms.  It's neat.

There will be more little girl accessories in the future, I'm working on making them for our family pictures.

Oh, and I didn't jinx myself about the basement; it totally looks awesome right now.  I'm just waiting for my husband to sort through his junk and consolidate it down to two storage bins, then I'll have an awesome before and after.

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KiLee said...

I love the pictures of Ellie, but you need to put them on the regular blog because I forget to look at this blog very often... :)