The thing I said I sewed

It's a car seat cover!  Nothing original and mine in particular is nothing fancy, but it works.  I got the basic measurements here.  I wasn't going to bother rounding the corners at all, but then I realized after I cut my fabric there's a practical reason- if you don't, your corners will drag on the ground.  Gross.  Even then, I didn't round them because I'm lazy.  I just cut them all off at an angle.  The same angle, at least.

My fabric on the top is a vintage sheet I got off ebay awhile ago and the bottom is just some yellow flannel.  I did a decorative scallop stitch around the edge, but other than that, there's no embellishment.  Lots of people do the flowers or bows on the velcro tabs, but I saw myself getting really annoyed with those really quickly.  Plus, I'm lazy, remember?

A good idea that I had but didn't do:  Weighing the corners or bottom with pennies or drapery weights.  In the planning stages, I was thinking about using just two cotton layers but I was worried about the wind blowing it around and messing with it, so I thought I'd put weights in it.  With the flannel on the bottom I decided it was definitely heavy enough to stay put on its own, so I didn't bother.  I still think it might be a good idea if you did do two lightweight layers, though. 

So I've dubbed this summer The Summer of NO Energy, but I think it might now be The Autumn of Doing Things Again.  I've actually already done quite a bit of organizing around the house, maybe I'll take a picture of some closets and drawers to prove it.  This happened after I had my first baby, too.  It's like all that nesting business doesn't kick in for me until after the baby comes.  Is it that way for anyone else?

The littlest is almost 4 weeks today, check it out:
{This picture is actually from a week ago, whatever.  Her baby jowls are even more developed now, hooray!}

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