Using what you have (and where I've been)

I had some surprise morning glories come up a week or so ago and realized I needed a trellis sooner rather than later.  Instead of heading to the store to look around, I decided to see what we had in the shed that might work.  I found several antique gardening tools that I thought might be kind of neat, so I propped them up all together and voila!
Also, a note about morning glories- I'm talking about for-real morning glories, not bindweed.  This variety that's coming up here is Star of Yelta.  Now let's talk about the tools I used.  Can you see the little claw hand on the middle handle?  Here's a close up:
What is that?  I thought it was kind of crazy, so I left it at the top instead of just the handle.  It looks like a creepy little hand.

I thought my improvised trellis went well with the super old ladder I'm using as a plant stand on the other side of the front door:
Before we got our new awesome ladder, Mike would actually use this one to get up on our roof.  Yikes.  I'm much more comfortable with it as yard decor.

And now, where I've been:

Weeding.  And potty training.  And having down time on the couch when I overdo it and my back can't take it.

Why weeding has taken over my life:  We have a lot of perennial flower beds at our house.  Like a lot.  And with the recent lawn stuff that's been happening, I added even more (my dad thinks I'm crazy- he might be right).  Regardless of my sanity, they're lovely and they really add to the cottage-y feel of the house:

That bed in front of the brick raised bed is a new one, that's why it's so sparse right now.  Just give it a year and it'll fit right in. 

I'll spare you pictures of the potty training process (I'm pretty sure I don't have any, anyway) as well as pictures of me laying on the couch looking super pregnant and pathetic.  Speaking of pregnant- I'm 35 weeks now!  Just a little over a month and I'll have a brand new little girl!  I have a lot of sewing planned for her- mostly onsie dresses.  We'll see if I actually get it done before I go into labor, though.  I wouldn't bet on it.

Thanks for reading!


Bridget said...

your yard is so charming! we need to come over an visit soon...like really soon!

Angela said...

Your house is so cute! I love it!

The Darling Davis' said...

Just found your blog, your house is adorable! I started following you on GFC!:)