Vegetable garden!

Here's the best advice ever for vegetable gardening:  find someone who's a very experienced gardener and then have them plan and pretty much plant your entire garden.

That's what my dad did for me this year, bless his heart forever.  Now I have onions, radishes, carrots, peppers (which I'm incredibly excited for- they've been a big craving all pregnancy), yukon gold potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, butter crunch lettuce, cucumbers, acorn squash, yellow zucchini (another craving), peas, tomatoes, watermelon, crenshaw melon (Mike is sooo excited for those), and pumpkins, all in various states of growing. 

Like I said, my dad planned and mostly planted everything, but I've learned a ton.  For example, I didn't even know before that to harvest lettuce you just pull up the whole plant.  At least that's how it works for butter crunch. 

And now I just have to share some pictures because I'm so proud. (Don't mind the weeds- they die tonight.)
{One of the tomato plants}

{Lettuce!  We'll probably eat this one tonight.}

{Brocolli!  We're definitely having some of this tonight.}

{The crenshaw melon.}

{The acorn squash.  It hadn't even sprouted on Saturday.}

{Two rows of potatoes.  I love potatoes.}

{The onions.  We have a bunch of these, too.}
Something kind of cool- my dad grows almost everything vertically.  Tomatoes, melons, winter squash, and cucumbers (although it might be normal to grow those up in cages, I don't know).  It's because he had really limited space in the first garden he grew and he wanted to get in as much yield as he could.  Anyway, even though we have a lot of space that we could devote to a garden, I just think it's convenient to grow things vertically- it makes finding and picking the veggies really easy.  That's why my tomatoes are planted next to stakes; we're training them to grow up. 

Hooray for fresh veggies this summer!

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Joani said...

Those look like great vegetables.
I'd be interested in knowing what you mean by growing vertically....climbing trellis & the such.
Our growing season here in Arizona is about coming to a standstill because of the heat save for corn, melons, and the likes.
Have a great day.