Cheapo wreath to awesome

It's been awhile.  Thanks for not unfollowing me.  I haven't done anything since the embroidery hoop ornaments because of a few things- writing tests for my students and my husband herniating a few disks (or was it discs?) in his neck.  He was in the hospital for 3 days but he's home now and doing well.  I'm just glad it wasn't any worse (because it could have been paralyzed-worse).  We're almost back to normal, actually.  The biggest difference to me is that he can't drive (big neck brace).  The biggest difference to him is probably the burning nerve pain in his arms (which is a bummer, but at least now we can joke about it).
So, just today I got back on the craft wagon.  I probably won't be getting some of my bigger projects done this year (felt nativity hand puppets and stockings) but it's cool.  I'm on track for finishing Christmas shopping before the 24th, so I'm happy with that.
And now, what this post is all about:
This is my front door wreath.  Yeah, it's a little cheapie one I got somewhere and then glued pinecones to it to improve its look.  My crafting in the past year has come far, if I do say so myself.
I also dug my old centerpiece from my Christmas stuff yesterday.  It was kind of a bough swag that had 3 taper candle holders in it- on the formal side and just not what I'm going for anymore.  However, it was made of some quality fake greenery.  I took it apart (you can see pieces of it on the left hand side of the picture), basically disassembling it into picks, then stuck it all on my sad wreath with hot glue (reinforced by twisting wires together).
And now:
It looks so much more expensive, right?  I love it.  I toyed with adding a bow or maybe a sign nestled in there, but I decided to go with au naturale for now. 


Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

Sweet. I love cannibalizing past projects and coming up with something flat-out awesome for flat-out free!

Suesan said...

It looks great. If you want to keep a natural look, but still add a bow, try a burlap or the upholstery strapping would look nice.

Sorry to hear about your husband. I hope the pain gets better for him soon.