New bedroom wall art

I decided, after I put up the closet door, that it was time for the master bedroom at my house to get a little redo.  I've wanted to change my above the bed wall art since almost immediately after I hung it.  The fabric I used was another fabric store panic.  Remember fabrianxiety?  Is that how I spelled it last time?  Well, it was happening a year ago when I bought this fabric:

I had wanted a brown and white or brown and cream damask, so don't even ask me how this happened.  I think what got me is that the gray flowers (that you can't see very well in the picture) were the exactly same color as the walls, which I thought was great.  But even though I don't have anything against the fabric itself, it really lacked the contrast I wanted.  It looks meh.
Anyway, for the past year, I've been thinking about what I really want there, and although I'm not quite there, I made some major steps in the last few days.  So here you go:
{Yeah, we got married that day after Valentine's Day.  It's kind of a joke that we have.  Also, after I painted in the date I totally had a tiny panic attack that I had written it down wrong.  I didn't...phew.}
Much brighter, much more contrast- that's what I'm talking about.  I wanted vinyl lettering, originally, because I knew it would be so much neater, but my craft allowance is gone until next payday (seriously, I had to start giving myself an allowance for it because I was just going crazy) and I just wanted to go for it.  Some weird stuff happened with the names, but it's kind of growing on me.
What I did:
I already had the stretching frames, they were 5$ each from IKEA (bless its heart).
The fabric was an old sheet.
And I used acrylic paint because I know nothing about painting.  I'm sure there was a much better medium, but I was working with what I had.
I traced a rough outline of everything and just went for it.  I cut leaf shapes out of some foam and again, I just went for it.
I'm pleased, but I'm not sure I'm done.  Have you all seen this at Decor Chick?  (Love her, by the way.)  What if I did that, over the whole background or maybe just in parts?  I also entertained the idea of tea staining, but I think that would dull the brightness and contrast that I love so much, like I maybe mentioned.  Maybe adding some branches in something metallic?  Like this, that I love so much.   Hmmm.  Well, more on the bedroom later, after I have craft allowance (I blew the last one on fat quarters that I don't even have a project for) again.


Lisa said...

REALLY pretty! I love it! Adding some metallic might be nice, but I don't think you need to do anything. Looks great!

Meg said...

I agree, it looks great as-is. The metallic would be an interesting touch, but not necessary! Great job!

I'd love for you to stop by my blog for a giveaway! Have a great night!

Robyn said...

Those turned out really cute. I love that it is personalized. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

I think they look pretty just as they are. A little metallic addition would look good, too, kind of to go with the shimmer in your bedding.

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

such a beautiful idea! these turned out fantastic :)

Robin R said...

I love the art as it is... looks wonderful with your bedding and I love the tree design!

Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

Very pretty!

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

You 'know nothing about painting' and you came up with that? How wonderful!!! Girl, you need to keep painting!

Acrylic paint is def the medium you wanted for this. Although a little Textile Medium might have made the paint flow better. But who cares? Your end result is great!!!

Hope you stop by once in a while because I post free paint projects. I'm working on fall now. Not that you need any help, from what I see. But would love to have you stop by!

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

This is beautiful, Kasia! I absolutely love it! You did a great job!

Maria said...

I love how they are three separate pieces but still relate as they merge together. Great improvement.