Blog Revival

Well, I'm back to it. I won't lie, the biggest reason is because I want to have a place I can pin my own images from. I don't think I'll ever bother trying to post another tutorial ever again. It's going to be much more before/after and "look what I did" type posts. I was never good at writing out tutorials anyway. Uhg. So many pictures, so many words. I just don't have the patience for it.

My Etsy shop is going active soon, and this is the first item I'm going to put up:

Well, I'll probably list a digital version of the pattern for this nativity first, then I'll list a few of the actual sets in October through November. Maybe into December, deciding on how crazy I get with the gifts I want to make for my own friends and family this year.

Look for more, coming soon. Now that I'm only posting lazy style, i.e., a couple pictures, a couple paragraphs, I'll probably get around to doing it more. 


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