The BIG list

So, after making the little list, I started to think about the major goals I have for the house. I've had a pretty complete picture in my head for a little while, but I don't think I've written it down in any of my various notebooks. So here we go.

Master bedroom:
  • Somehow build a bigger closet/improve closet situation
  • Purchase (maybe build?) headboard and bed
  • Replace dresser hardware
  • Hang some floor to ceiling curtains
  • Big ol' rug
  • Some giant (or just big impact) art-ish thing above the headboard
  • No more bedskirt
  • Door hardware to match the rest of the house (maybe just a whole new door)
  • Refinish floor
  • Replace dresser hardware

Upstairs bath:
  • Above the door shelf
  • Pedestal or wall mounted sink
  • Mirror collage
  • Replace tile (this one probably won't happen, but it's on my dream list)
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Tile baseboard
  • New door/hardware

Eleanor's room:
  • Paint, probably a greeny blue
  • Remove the closet door
  • Add shelves above the dresser
  • Add some toy and book storage
  • Replace boob light with something awesome
  • Figure out a way to make the weird super skinny closet useful
  • New door/hardware

Living room:
  • New couches or couch and chair combo
  • Paint rug
  • Coffee table (something like THIS)
  • Expand collage
  • Refinish floors
  • Add storage- trunk, chest, dresser, armoire- by the porch door
  • Console table next to the fireplace?
  • Overhead lighting (maybe recessed?)

  • Command center, shutter doors
  • Chore chart by the linen closet
  • Front hall hooks
  • Refinish floors
  • Hooks in the coat closet

  • More open shelving
  • Move the wall back, demolish the wall between the kitchen and stairs
  • Add built in booth/eating nook
  • Paint cupboards white
  • Upgrade countertops
  • Hardwoods to match the rest
  • Undermount sink
  • Pedestal table
  • Recessed lighting, pendant over the table

  • Collage down the stairs
  • New light fixture?
  • Molding following the slope of the stairs

Family room:
  • Built in entertainment center
  • Sectional
  • Roman shades or curtains
  • Blinds
  • Refinish computer desk and recover chair
  • Big storage ottoman
  • Display rock collection
  • Storage by stairs and next to the TV nook (i.e. trunk, cedar chest, bookcase, console table, dresser)

Mim's room:
  • Paint bed, add legs
  • Wall collage
  • Find an awesome dresser
  • Rug?
  • Toy storage solution
  • Hang curtains
  • Make closet functional
  • Blinds

Downstairs bath:
  • Dresser-> vanity
  • Laundry nook shelves, hanging rod, high cupboards
  • Towel hooks
  • Shelves above toilet
  • Pedestal for washer and dryer

  • Buy a desk
  • Sewing table
  • Find and hang curtains
  • Figure out fabric storage
  • Paint filing cabinet
  • Colorful steampunk (colorful for me since it's also my sewing room, a little bit steampunkish for Mike because he thinks it's cool)

  • Enclose, add door to the backyard
  • Oak floor to match the rest of upstairs
  • Built ins

Front yard:
  • Tree in front of big windows
  • Expand garden
  • Privacy fence divider of front and back yard

  • Gate back to patio
  • Replace cement patio with pavers or slate
  • Add a pergola over the patio
  • Low retaining wall around patio
  • Garbage can area
  • Add paths to shed 
  • Remake the shed
  • Add trees on south side
  • Playground
  • Sand box
  • Finish extending the lawn
  • Plant the mini orchard
  • Replace cow fence with cedar privacy fence

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