Appliqué pillow covers

So this is beautiful, right?
A summer version of the fall tree pillow I made.  Excellent.
It's Anthropologie's Orimono pillow. I've loved it for awhile; it reminds me of THIS pillow I made, probably my favorite one ever.

Anyway, I finally gave it a try, so here's my version:
 I love it pretty hard. I originally wanted to have a lot of different fabrics on it (like the inspiration), but I looked at my fabric stash and I just didn't have what I wanted. I also didn't want to buy any fabric for it. So I used my current favorite fabric (from a set of bed skirts found at a thrift store for a few bucks).
For the design- I drew it all on the paper side of some Heat N Bond, cut out the flower as a whole, ironed it to the cloth, and then proceeded cutting a piece out one bit at a time and placing it on my cut out pillow front. It took some time. After I removed that paper bits and ironed it to the pillow, I did a zig zag around each little petal:
{That also took some time.}
So, like I said, I love it pretty hard. If I ever find the blue pom pom trim I bought to got around the edges of the pillow, I'll probably unpick the whole thing and add it in. Then I'll love it even more. Even more than a fat kid loves cake. But that's only if I ever find that trim.

After the red one, I made a few more. I'll probably sell them in my Etsy shop, but we'll see. They might end up as gifts.

{I would keep this one, too, but the greens look really gross with my wall color.}

I'm not exactly sure what I was going for with this last one. Maybe a wonky chevron/modern interpretation of waves? I still like it, regardless.

So, any opinions out there on what I should do with them? Or how much I should sell them for?

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Chrissy + Nate said...

So cute! Love that floral pattern on the pillow!