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No, I still don't have a camera, but I went to a place that had a really nice one. My lovely cousin works at a photo studio and we went there earlier this week, kind of last minute. Because it was so last minute, I didn't do a lot of outfit planning or accessory making like I did here, here, and here. I decided to just let my girls wear their everyday stuff. I actually kind of like how my almost-3-year-old dresses herself- it's always so bright and colorful and pretty funny sometimes. Anyway, as it turns out, I couldn't completely leave well enough alone and I made my little one a last minute headband.

 Just some concentric wool felt circles and a button. I sewed it to some fold over elastic that I had. Then, later that night, I ended up making a bunch. They're so easy and there's so many possibilities, it was actually kind of hard to stop.

Here's a little set I made for my newest niece:

Besides those, I made 4 more headbands for my little one and 4 or 5 more flowers attached to little clips that my oldest can wear.

After making that many, I kind of have a system down. I freehand cut out the smallest circle, place it on my next bit of felt, and then cut out the next biggest one around it.  And so on. Here, I made you guys a pattern!

My materials: The thicker headbands are fold over elastic.You can usually get black and white at any fabric store (mine is from JoAnn's), but the colored stuff there sold in the little packages is super overpriced. I'm placing an order from this little Etsy shop for some different colors for a much more reasonable price. She has a TON of colors to choose from, too.
The elastic lace is also from JoAnn's, I imagine you could find a greater variety on Etsy, though. I might try dyeing a few bits; I'll let you know how it goes if I do.
The skinny little headbands (which are probably my favorite) are just normal elastic. I think it's quarter inch stuff. I might try dyeing some of that, too.

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with these. Super cute and super easy- WIN!

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such cute pictures.love them all.