I did something!

I know, right?!  My project list is still growing all the time, and lately I've knocked out some big yard landscaping stuff (and by "I," I mean my family), but I'm waiting for that to be ready for some dramatic after pictures before I blog about it.
Anyway, I was inspired Saturday by the awesome weather to get out and get one of my little projects done that I thought of a long time ago.  It also helped seeing all those painted rugs out there in blogland.  My front door mat before:
 Yeah, I just got the cheapest one there was when I bought them 3 years ago.
But now:
 It's much better.  I was going to do a multi-layer stencil, with leafy branch stencils in the background, but I thought I better keep it simple to make sure it would even work.  I used my Silhouette to make a vinyl stencil and just used spray paint.  I was worried that I would get lots of seepage around the edges because of the texture of the rug, but it turned out ok.  It probably helped that I stepped on the stencil once it was positioned, to really seal the vinyl to the rug.  I'll have to see how it holds up, but even if it doesn't last the summer, it's not like I'm out anything.
Here it is in position.  I like it.  You'll have to imagine some bright flowers in the planter and some sweet potato vine coming down on the other side, where I have another planter you can't see in the photo.  Looking at this picture makes me want to go paint my other outdoor mat right now, but alas, it is raining like crazy.


ReFresh ReStyle said...

What a refreshing idea, love the blue!

Stacie said...

Sooo Simple and CUTE!! LoVe it!!Thanks so much for sharing! BTW...I featured it here:


Thanks again! :)

Melissa said...

just super gorgeous- i am mad for typeset...& now you've given me an excuse to cover all things outside too!!

i have just painted an old ladder and french numbered the steps- will be posting it next monday...

love that i've stumbled upon your blog!!

melissa x

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