A great PB knockoff

Almost a year ago, Sir Johnson and I went to IKEA to purchase this lovely thing:

We were desperate for more clothing storage and this one (plus its tallboy cousin) made it happen.  I loved the farmhouse style and the color (it's really not just straight up black like it appears in the picture) and the price was just right (we got it in the as-is for $250, it's normally $300), and it's solid wood.

Given all that, I was pretty happy when I cracked open my spring PB catalog and saw this:
 It was even the same color as the IKEA one in the catalog.  So, the happiness came when I realized I had inadvertently gotten myself an excellent knockoff for 1/5 (one fifth!) of the price.  Few things give me the happiness and satisfaction of an excellent bargain/deal/sale.

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Mom in High Heels said...

We have that same dresser and tallboy in our bedroom in the dark brown color. We have the matching bed and night stands, but in white, because I didn't want everything to be dark. We got our dresser in the Fundgrub section (literally translates to "find pit") because it had a teeny tiny scratch on the back of the top. It was 50% off! Haha! Who knew we would be PB trend setters?