Open kitchen shelving

I have a dilemma.  Here's the setup:  I love white kitchen cabinets, but mine aren't.  I would have no problem sanding them down and painting them up if they were crappy old ugly cabinets, but they're not.  They're solid oak.  And not that old.  See?
Definitely dated, though.  For my temporary, non-committal solution, I took the cupboard doors off to see what it would look like.
It was just to give me an idea of how much more open the kitchen would be if there was less oak.  I kind of like the open shelving, though.  If I do put doors back on, they'll be ones with glass panes.

So besides my painting/not painting dilemma, I have a question.  Is it weird to just have this one section of cupboards with no doors?  Should I remove more doors?